Mission Statement of the SPE Recycling Division

“To Provide and Promote Environmental Stewardship of Plastics Materials”

Scope of the SPE Recycling Division

This Division is concerned with all aspects of the recycling, sustainability, bio-degradable , non-petroleum based polymers, reclamation, resource recovery, and disposal of plastic materials. Its mission is to foster the advancement of technology in the development of recycled plastics as a valuable raw-material resource and disseminate information in fostering the development of polymers derived from renewable sources. To this end, the Division will promote public and member education on plastics recycling and sustainability through the coordination and dissemination of technical information via local, regional, national and international sessions and conferences, publications, and interaction with other interested national, international, academic and industrial organizations.

Our scope of topics will include but will not be limited to:

  • Design for the environment
  • Processing technologies
  • Non petroleum based polymers
  • Bio degradable polymers
  • Polymers developed from renewable sources
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Recovery technologies (mechanical/chemical, etc.)
  • Incorporation of reclaimed plastics into all manufacturing streams
  • Air, water, soil and other natural resource concerns as affected by the manufacture and use of resins and plastics materials

The SPE Recycling Division will provide information and serve as a liaison to plastics industry representatives, the public-at-large, educational institutions, environmental groups, and government agencies. The SPE Recycling Division provides a direct conduit between the plastics industry and the entities with which it interacts. The SPE Recycling Division, therefore, is responsible for a comprehensive perspective of plastics use throughout the world. The Division will serve as a focal point in order to provide a baseline for continuing improvement in the environment for generations to come.

Contact Us

For general inquiries please email us at ccarlin@4spe.org.