Who We Are

Board of Directors

Trent Williams
Rehrig Pacific Company

Daniel Falla
Shell Polymers

Kari Bliss

Membership Chair
Christopher Surbrook
Midland Compounding & Consulting, Inc.

Technical Program Chair
Tm Ponrathnam
Berry Global

Newsletter Editor
Conor Carlin
ILLIG N. America

John Papineau

This Division is composed of plastics professionals who share a passion for the environmental impact of polymer-based materials.

Here you will find dedicated individuals who work in the following areas:

  • Design for the Environment
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Processing Technologies
  • Non-petroleum Based Polymers
  • Bio-degradable Polymers
  • Polymers Developed from Renewable Sources
  • Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Recovery Technologies (mechanical and advanced recycling)
  • Incorporation of Reclaimed Plastics into all Manufacturing Streams
  • Air, water, soil and other natural resource concerns as affected by the manufacture and use of resins and plastics materials

The Division will serve as a focal point within SPE in order to provide a baseline for continuing improvement in the environment for generations to come.

Are you interested to learn more? Would you like to join us? Get in touch – we’d love to learn what you’re working on.

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