WEBINAR: This is Not the Wild West: Sustainability Definitions, Standards, and Regulations

With continued interest in and development of sustainable plastics, it is clear that not everyone is working with the same lexicon. Terms such as 'degradable', 'bio-degradable', 'recyclable', and 'compostable' are subject to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or outright fraudulent claims. This webinar will address how ASTM standards are being used to create a common understanding based on science and testing. We will also address the commonalities and differences among standards, certifications, and regulations. This webinar is part […]

WEBINAR: Life Cycle Assessments: Why and How?

  Chris Koffler is the Technical Director for the Americas of Sphera’s Sustainability Consulting practice. In this role he is responsible for the quality of all sustainability consulting projects, methodological development, project oversight, and is the primary lead in key selected areas, such as the automotive sector. Chris received his Doctorate in Engineering from the Darmstadt University of Technology in 2007. His PhD work was on Automotive Product Life Cycle Assessment. He has published numerous […]

WEBINAR: Less is More: How to Maximize Energy Savings in Plastics Processing – Part 1

  Josh Bachman is the Director of Customer Engagement at Cascade Energy, where he is responsible for business development and sales with Cascade’s demand side management and corporate customers. An engineer by training, Josh has over 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry, including leading Cascade’s engineering team and designing and launching Bonneville Power Administration’s award-winning Energy Smart Industrial program.

WEBINAR: Less is More: How to Maximize Energy Savings in Plastics Processing – Part 2

  Pam Birkel is a Program Manager and Senior Strategic Energy Management Coach at Cascade Energy. Pam provides SEM coaching for multiple utility demand-side management programs. She has led dozens of commercial and industrial SEM projects, and in so doing, has worked with hundreds of end users. Pam is an excellent communicator and problem solver, with a keen understanding of how to incorporate energy-saving changes that will contribute to a company's success.

SPE Plastics Processing Conference: The Virtual Edition

The SPE Lehigh Valley Section is organizing technical sessions for the inaugural SPE Plastics Processing and Compounding Conference 2021. Conor Carlin, SPE VP Sustainability, will deliver a keynote address about the nexus of plastics and sustainability. Though many in the plastics industry are familiar with the overwhelming benefits that polymeric materials provide, the public has become highly skeptical. And rightly so – when you see clogged rivers and dead fish, what are people supposed to […]

Plastic Bag Recycling: The Obaggo Journey

  Dave New, founder of Obaggo Recycling, will tell the story of his journey to bring a novel plastic bag recycling solution to the mass market. He will discuss the genesis of the idea, the trials and tribulations of prototype development, and the epic search for project support and funding. A fundamentally entrepreneurial story, Dave will talk about the world of start-up accelerators, b-plan competitions, and how he navigated a vast landscape of stakeholders, cheerleaders, […]